Hi :)

I try to collect one nice cover from every country in the world, and I need YOUR HELP! Below you can browse through my collection, if you see your country is missing (or you can send me a better cover than the one I already have), please contact me :)

I prefer covers with WWF stamps, because this is my main (topical) collection. I also collect other WWF items, like local FDC / MC etc.


Croatia WWF

Zeljko surprised me a second time! :) The day after I had received the cards and envelopes I mentioned in my previous post, I also received this package:

It is franked with the complete WWF serie from 2006 on the 'Little tern'. Maybe you remember that I already talked about this issue in one of my previous posts, where I referred to the text on the website of the Croatian Post. (http://www.posta.hr/main.aspx?id=193&idmarke=1177)

As you can see, the package was quite folded, but the damage to what was inside stayed limited.

The biggest victim is a beautiful postcard with one of the Purple Heron stamps. Here it is:

The card was badly folded but I could 'repair' it a bit so that it looks like new again ;) At least I think that the pleat does not really strike.
I refer to my previous Croatia/WWF post for more information on the Purple Heron.

Finally I want to show you two official WWF FDC's from Croatia. The first one is the Little Tern FDC, these stamps you already know by now :).

But the second FDC pictures stamps I post here for the first time. It's the Meadow Viper serie from 1999! Thanks to this FDC, I am able to show you all WWF stamps issued by Croatia, which is of course a dream for me :)

I allow myself once again to refer to the Croatia Post website for more information on this animal. (http://www.posta.hr/main.aspx?id=193&idmarke=322)

Thanks a lot Zeljko! The stamps you wanted in return are on their way, I am already looking forward for some new trades!