Hi :)

I try to collect one nice cover from every country in the world, and I need YOUR HELP! Below you can browse through my collection, if you see your country is missing (or you can send me a better cover than the one I already have), please contact me :)

I prefer covers with WWF stamps, because this is my main (topical) collection. I also collect other WWF items, like local FDC / MC etc.


Australia Day

Today is an 'all Australia day', as I have bought and received some Australia (WWF) items lately. And all very nice items, Australian Post has done a great job if you ask me :)

First I want to show you some items I bought on the internet last May: stamps, First Day Covers, Maxicards and Numiscover. All items picture endangered Australian dolphins and were issued on May 26, 2009. You're right, I'm talking about the latest Australian WWF issue! :)

Here are the pictures of the items:

The stamps picture following animals:
  1. 55c: Spotted Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus);
  2. $ 1.35: Hourglass Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus cruciger);
  3. $ 1.40: Southern Right Whale Dolphin (Lissodelphis peronii) ;
  4. $ 2.05: Dusky Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus).
Very nice stamps, not only on the internet but also in a stamp album! :)

Now I want to show some items that were sent to my by Ben. Thanks a lot Ben for these great stamps!!

First we have a real sent 2006 WWF FDC 'Australian Whales'. The whales pictured on the stamps are:
  1. Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae);
  2. Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus);
  3. Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus);
  4. Southern Bottlenose Whale (Hyperoodon planifrons).

Then we have the 1998 WWF FDC from Australia, picturing different Australian birds.

These wonderfully coloured stamps picture:
  1. Yellow-tufted Honeyeater (Lichenostomus melanops);
  2. Orange-bellied Parrot (Neophema chrysogaster);
  3. Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii);
  4. Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae).
Ben used this pre-paid envelope to send me the birds FDC:

That's all for now. No Dolphin cover or other Australia WWF item has reached me so far... but if I get one, you'll see it here! :)