Hi :)

I try to collect one nice cover from every country in the world, and I need YOUR HELP! Below you can browse through my collection, if you see your country is missing (or you can send me a better cover than the one I already have), please contact me :)

I prefer covers with WWF stamps, because this is my main (topical) collection. I also collect other WWF items, like local FDC / MC etc.


WWF Croatia: Orsini's viper and Purple heron

I was very happy when receiving these letters in the past few days. I have searched the 1999 Croatian WWF snake serie for some time, and now in 2 days time I have received the serie on cover 2 times! :) :) These are the covers (thanks Tommy and Zeljko!):

The snake pictured on the stamps is the Meadow Viper (Orsini's viper - Vipera ursinii). (read more: http://www.posta.hr/main.aspx?id=193&idmarke=322)

Zeljko also included a new FDC for me, which means I now have all 3 local fdc's from Croatia. :d The fdc shows the Purple Heron:

For more information, please check the excellent site of Croatian Post. (http://www.posta.hr/main.aspx?id=193&idmarke=496)