Hi :)

I try to collect one nice cover from every country in the world, and I need YOUR HELP! Below you can browse through my collection, if you see your country is missing (or you can send me a better cover than the one I already have), please contact me :)

I prefer covers with WWF stamps, because this is my main (topical) collection. I also collect other WWF items, like local FDC / MC etc.


I'm back!!

I am (finally) back to post a cover on my blog, the first one in more than 2 weeks time... My eyes are starting to get better, and I can get my glasses any day now, so I hope to be back for a long time :)

First cover I want to show is this one, from Hungary:

There are five stamps on the cover. The 2 bigger stamps were issued earlier this year as part of the serie 'Filafalu comics'. Several series of 2 stamps have been issued, the two stamps on the cover are serie II. More info you find on the Magyar Posta website: http://www.posta.hu/object.7671956f-5ade-48eb-9eb2-6a006afd0737.ivy

The other stamps are stamps picturing chairs. They were issued in 2000 (left) and 2001 (middle and right).

I'll be back soon with more covers, but first I will answer some letters and send some envelopes. I have a little backlog due to my absence these last weeks. But I'll be back soon this time, I promise :)

By the way, I want to say thank you to those who have sent me a nice e-mail or who have posted a little message on this blog. Having (serious) eye problems is not easy to deal with (esp. not for someone who's only 24), so your support means a lot to me. Thanks!